Responsibility #2

Josue’ went to dedicate a church for me in Quiche. He relishes the job of speaking on my behalf. His father, Jose’, dedicated another one since I just cannot drive that far on those roads.

I started getting the first semester grades from university & there were more good than bad and two, Sandy & Jeny, were exceptional.

Just before I published this update I received a phone call from New York & it was one of the girls who left here a couple of years ago & is working there. She said she was saving money to buy tickets for Dottie and me to visit her. Is not that the sweetest thing?

Newest church in Chiche' Quiche'.
Newest church in Chiche’ Quiche’.


Responsibility to me means knowing what I am supposed to do and doing it. Nothing complicated! Just do what you know is your responsibility. My obligation is to attempt to do the very best that I can at all times.

When there are relationships there will be responsibilities. Every person has a duty to perform. Every relationship will be founded upon the fact that loyalty is the supreme responsibility and obligation. Loyalty is simply being committed to those I serve. Husbands serve wives and wives are to serve husbands. Children serve parents and parents serve children. Employees serve employers and vice-versa and pastors serve their flock as does the flock serve the pastor.

There are no relationships without responsibility, obligations and loyalty. I must ry to understand my wife, my children, my co-helpers and the like. If I am unwilling to see what others see or feel what others feel I cannot fulfill my obligations as a Christian.