over the years

The recent circumstances of tremendous pain caused me to remember the hundreds of people who have come to Casa over the last quarter-century and those who have remained faithful to the children over those years. Many have stayed faithful while others have fallen by the wayside. Last night I was thinking of meeting with some of the board members in September in Little Rock. It is incredible that in 2 decades we have only had one board member leave us. That is remarkable!

The Guatemalan staff will make new guidelines concerning vehicles, visitor’s driving and even off campus trips. The board will then make conclusions. We will not hinder anyone but we will try to insure that everyone is safe. One deadly accident in 26 years is one too many. Pray we will have wisdom.

Kindergarten boys  Juan Daniel and Eduardo
Kindergarten boys Juan Daniel and Eduardo


It caused me to think of one of the greatest love stories of all time. It is of a Jewish mother-in-law and a heathen daughter-in-law by the names of Naomi and Ruth. The sensitivity Ruth had of the pain in Naomi has endured throughout the centuries and important enough to God to record in His Word.

First, we demonstrate love by sticking with others through tough times. It is easy to quit–easy to run–easy to walk away! Daily we see fathers walk away from children and spouses walk away from one another. We see folks walk away from their churches or jobs or responsibilities. In fact “walking away” seems to be the easiest thing for people to do. True Christian love has sticking power!

Second, you show love by adjusting to others. I am different from you and you are different from me. ┬áRuth says to Naomi “Your people will be my people”. That is what people say to me when they come to Casa. They realize that God has placed Dottie and me her for such a time as this. There can only be one head. Although I make many mistakes people who love realize they can adjust to Mike and minister to the children. The disciples were hard-headed, jealous and often times difficult golive with but they were able to stay on course by adjusting to the plan Jesus s;laid before them.