They have placed tubes into Keiser’s lungs due to pneumonia.  He is in intensive care. Please pray. He is the youngest child that we have on dialysis.

Also Marjorie is in the hospital with heart trouble. She has an excellent cardiologist & Luis is also there because he needs hemodialysis. He is fighting depression. And Elias is also in the hospital but should come home this week. Aroldo is overwhelmed and over stretched caring for them.

Walter, Tim & I met with Ani’s parents & Walter just handled this awkward situation so well. They have asked that we hold a memorial service for her on August 12th here at Casa. She would have been 20 on the 14th.



Discouragement results when we try to carry the entire load by ourselves. When the world is throwing many pressures against you it is necessary for you to break the big load into smaller pieces.