He touched you

I tore a muscle in my thigh. Jacob returned from the states.

We received a one year old who has been burned.


The dialysis care construction is progressing
The dialysis care construction is progressing. This is the second story and it will have 3 so “Wow!”

Constantly I am dealing with children and teenagers who are seeking self-worth and acceptance by their abilities or social situations. But my value does not come from what I accomplish or what I possess. I am made worthy by the touch of His hand. My kids need to learn that lesson.

Jesus has touched all of us with His presence, His provision and His promises. So many people today feel abandoned and astray. They feel lost and without direction. Sadly every child who comes to Casa has the opportunity to receive Christ, have all of their basic needs met and receive an education that will give them prosperity in the future but some just do not want to pay the price to achieve these 3 blessings.

What is the price of what Jesus offers the children through Casa? The cost of blessings is obedience. Without obedience to God and His Word we will lose our way. Our existence will eventually become meaningless and directionless. God gave me life and therefore only God can give my life meaning.

If I obey His Word & put into practice what He says then all that I need will be provided.