Final Love of Ruth

Araceli had surgery on her cleft lip today. She went through surgery well & tomorrow we will know if it was successful.

Dr Miquel, my orthopedic surgeon, had a large group of physicians from the USA examining & diagnosing hundreds of children. We sent 12 & only one will need surgery. The other 11 can be treated with braces.

Aroldo had to bring medicine to the hospital for Keyser (lung failure)because the hospitals are low on medication. This indicates it is the end of the Presidential 4 year term & stealing is in high gear.

Due to the liability concerns following the accident I have decided we will buy a nice used small van for taking children to medical visits or to court only. If you want to help we will need $12,000 – 15,000.

Pedro just graduated from Bible college in Tennessee & he arrived today with wife & child arriving tomorrow. He will purchase land in the area & begin a ministry here. I am so proud of him.

New York team took the university girls to lunch
New York team took the university girls to lunch

The love of Ruth for Naomi and the people of God has so much to teach us. We see the first three below.

First, we demonstrate love by sticking with others through tough times.

Second, you show love by adjusting to others.

Third, You show love by reaching beyond yourself and your own comfort zone. Deny yourself.

Fourth, Ruth says, “Entreat me not to leave you” so that means You show love by offering encouraging words. Ruth wants Naomi to support her in her decision to go to Israel with her. We all want that I believe. We want people to encourage us and help us through the hard times.

Lastly, fifth, We show love by putting their needs above our own. It would have been easy to stay where she was rather tun accompany Naomi to a foreign country. Each and everyone of our staff has had to come to this level of love. The love that places the needs of the children at Casa or the lost around us before their own desires and needs.