Marjaroie  (uncontrolled coughing) & Elias (convulsions) were sent to the hospital last night.

We dedicated Jennifer Fernanda along with her new parents. A Guatemalan pastor and his wife adopted her. She will have a blessed life.

We received four little girls today.

Jenifer with her new family
Jenifer with her new family

I have cried for two days. I got up at 2am and just thought of Ani. Before you say anything I know she is with Jesus and my tears are for myself. But the pain is real. We have buried 26 children now & the pain of losing Ani is equal to the pain of losing the very first one, Michelle.

Hope is what comfort will give us. Comfort does not take away the pain. It only can encourage us to live the right way and keep our eyes upon Jesus. Hope is a powerful force. Hope that is disappointed can be overwhelming. If you are standing for a miracle and it never comes it can cause you such pain.

Discouragement is the most crippling of all emotions. It weighs down your heart and squeezes out the hope. I have failed as has everyone on earth. Satan wants to steal my hope. But His Word gives me hope. His Word gives me strength. Satan will lose. And there lies my hope.