Ani had the stomach & bladder surgery but will need more surgeries as soon as possible. She is not well but she will live. Sunday I taught on “Can you know that you are saved?” That evening Ani asked Dwight some questions & he took her through to assurance of salvation. She told him her purpose for being at Casa was to give the love she never received from her family.

Two of Dwight’s sons arrived tonight. Tim & Walter are working tirelessly to solve the legal problems as well as the situation with her body.

The USA Embassy is helping is tremendously. The teams that are here are just doing all they can to keep things normal for the children & especially those in Betty’s dorm.

Adam and Vilma’s baby is not fining weight so the physician has asked them to stay in the states at least 2 extra weeks. Pray for them as well as for Dwight’s family.