I am speaking Friday at the mission house of Brother Teddie over in Chimaltenango.

We are truly blessed as he current teams have plumbers and carpenters so they are going full blast at finishing cabinets for Adam’s dorm as well as installing the plumbing in the men’s restroom in the new visitor’s dorm.


All Christians have spiritual conflicts in the area of temptations. Satan knows if he can get us to go beyond the limits set by God he can destroy us. The Bible tells us that all temptation can be found in one of three areas. Lust of the flesh; lust of the eyes and pride of life.

You and I have physical appetites such as food, sleep, exercise, sex in marriage, etc. If Satan can get us to go beyond what is necessary in the areas of the flesh he can put us in a position where God can no longer use us or depend upon us. Christianity is very physical and God refers to His children as athletes or soldiers. He knows that we are in constant competition with the devil.

Self-indulgence or self-indulgence is poison to our soul. If I sleep instead of pray. If I play instead of study. If I indulgence my own desires more than seeking first the kingdom of God I will lose the battle.

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