Last night the courts sent 3 sisters the oldest of which is 12 years old & has a baby. So we have her 11 month old son also.

Elias, Marjorie & Keiser, dialysis, were hospitalized.

A team from Fayetteville, Ar. arrived who will present vacation Bible school for the children and another team arrived from Charlotte, North Carolina.

How can anyone human rest a child this way?
How can anyone human treat a child this way?



Have you heard people say, “If I had more money” or “If I hd a different job” or “If I had a different husband I could be so happy and content?” Contentment is not about status or your condition in life. It is a character quality. I have seen people so poor it would embarrass you and yet they were so content with their lives. At the same time I have seen people with more than they could ever use and live a life of total discontentment.

Contentment is not based on possessions or position it is a measure of your character. Desire is what drives all of us. We can be driven to labor long days to accumulate more things or we can use our energies to bless our family with US rather than things. The desires you have that you choose to pursue will lead to either life or death.

That is what gives you contentment. It is choosing what your purpose in life is for. Bank accounts and land amount to very little if we have a broken home. Invest your life and the energies of your life in making a difference in the lives of others & contentment will be a foundation in your life.