The New Month

Finished the financial report for the month of May & also the Guatemala monthly report. Seeing Crissy(daughter) and Ozzie(grandson) has made me feel so much better.

Meditating on the roof helps me calm down
Meditating on the roof helps me calm down


There are so many attributes of Jesus that we should all try to emulate. Three of His many attributes that I want more than any are COMPASSION.  Jesus was moved by compassion and the blind saw, the dead arose, families were healed, lives were changed and thousands of people would never be the same. So many people are hard-nosed, unloving, unfeeling and uncaring.

KINDNESS is my second attribute of Jesus that I would love to have consistently. With so many people crossing my path daily such as the children, the staff, the visitors, the laborers, the teachers, the courts, the police and the courts not to mention those whom I meet throughout the day outside the walls of Casa. This past few days I have struggled with bitterness and resentment at those who sued Casa.Not to their face! Jesus was treated so unbelievably cruel that my little problems are embarrassing.

FORGIVENESS is that attribute of Jesus that allows me to enter into heaven. His forgiveness brought my salvation.We are to forgive as Jesus did. Ephesians 4:32.