The Faithful heart

Karen had a kidney biopsy today to determine if the transplant is functioning.

The Woodlands women prayed for Dottie & me & then gave us a beautiful embroidery of the prayer they prayed.

A Guatemalan physician donated today and tomorrow to examine the younger children so that is a real positive blessing for Casa.

The new visitor's dorm
The new dorm for visitor


God is always looking for those who are faithful. I Samuel 12:24 “Be sure to fear the Lord and serve Him faithfully with all of your heart.” Everywhere we look we see broken homes, split churches, divided  communities, abuse of funds, immorality and broken promises. It makes you wonder if faithfulness has gone out the window of our society.

Paul tells us that we are to be faithful servants. Not bad! But the problem is that very few people are willing to be servants at all. Everyone wants to be the chief. Everyone wants the power or the position. Being a servant is not appealing to the average Christian.

When I look at my staff here at Casa I see Lee & Candy faithfully serving the little boys; Alex & Sara faithfully serving the older boys; Jim and Kate with the teen girls as well as Jessie and Adam and Vilma with the younger girls. I see Billy and Olga serving the older girls as does Brandi with the college girls as well as Tim & Patty with the transition dorms. I see the faithfulness of Chad & Abby serving the baby dorm.

Our hospital staff and our psychology staff and the office staff and the school staff and the maintenance staff and the kitchen staff all serving faithfully in their respective places. I see Angie, Larry & Sue, Tony & Bob serving in their respective callings. Over two dozen of our children have major responsibilities that require serving–too many to name.

Putting them on a pedestal is not my point. The point is in order to be a FAITHFUL servant you have to begin by being willing to serve. This is what separates my wonderful staff from being just a servant to being Faithful servants–they are willing!!!!