We finished the cleaning & organizing of my books.

One team went out to a block party.

We will be in Sylacauga, Al on Sunday, September 27th & are free to minister that evening.


Can you recognize us?
Can you recognize us?

A person with a faithful heart is not double minded. He is steadfast, dedicated and serious to do what he has been called to do with his life. A faithful heart is one that is a not a bumble-bee or butterfly that flits from church to church or job to job or place to place. He is grounded in what God has told him to do.

I have know pastors that stay less than 3 years in any church they pastor. There are those who can only stay in a relationship or job or church for a short period and then they FLIT to another place.

Firm, unmoving and unchanging are the characteristics of the faithful heat. Discouragement and disappointment come to us all. I, myself, have wanted to run but when a person is steadfast he continues into the wind and the fire. He does not retreat.

By he way the faithful heart will prevent attraction to someone other than your own spouse. The grass is never greener somewhere else. What you have is enough.Faithful & Steadfst