Our daughter, Crissy, along with Tim & Patty gifted Dottie and me with three nights in a very nice hotel. They are so kind and thoughtful & I hope to sleep most of that time. Crissy will stay with the children living in our house.

The Huntsville team is doing craft today at 3 with the little girls & then with the little boys after supper. They will also work with the Casa worship team.

Billy, our school administrator & one of our children was taken to the hospital at 7pm for surgery as he has appendicitis. He is the one who we have transitioned into the school. Surgery will be at midnight EST.



Everyone has experiences but not everyone profits from their experiences. Knowledge is the accumulation of facts but wisdom is the application of those facts. Since I have lived a long life I have man thousands of experiences. But I have not been wise very often.

Knowledge is taking in the Word of God whereas Wisdom is putting out the Word of God. God tells us that fools reject wisdom. That means we reject using what god has taught us. Millions “know” the Word but only some ACT on what hey know.

I pray that God would give me the grace to be more wise. He has blessed me with so much and I need to give so much more.