Jose’ finally returned from the hospital but Keiser was admitted into the hospital last night.

Josue’ & Estella left for home in Jackson, Tn. It is remarkable that the story I have told more than any other of the  family with 4 children & their remarkable adventure now has ended with all 4 married & blessed of God.

Jose' is home finally
Jose’ is home finally

I went through such a terrible 3 weeks of depression and stress as you may know if you read our monthly newsletter. I actually lost 17 pounds.

It took many doses of the Word to get me back to where I am now ok.

But what finally got me over the mental anguish due to the finances being as low as they ever had been as well as us being sued by two teachers I fired. My back was aching 24 hours a day and there were other problems but what God showed me was “I DELIVERED YOU FROM THE WORST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED SO WHY DO YOU NOT TRUST ME TO DELIVER YOU FROM THESE PROBLEMS?”

Oh, how foolish we can be! In the first few years of our marriage we buried our only natural children. Misty, Jonathan and Michelle all died from heart disease. The pain we suffered was the worst time of our lives. But God saw us through the pain and brought us to where we have helped raise over 5,000 children. How could I be so stupid? How could I doubt?

The answer was right in front of me and I was blind. Nothing could ever happen to us that would match that period of our lives. He is faithful even when I am foolish!