Humble Heart

Adam & Vilma had a baby girl. Congratulations!

Esmeralda(teenager) had shoulder surgery.

The women had a bridal shower for Flor who will marry Esvin this Friday.

There are teams here from Georgia, Chicago and two from Texas.

Shop class with Bob
Carpentry with Bob


The humble heart wants to be ducted in God’s Word. Jesus even said,  “Come to me..and LEARN of me”. So you and I should be teachable. Knowing God’s Word is the pathway to victory. I have seen people who thought, ‘they knew it all’.  There will never be a time in your life where you will know everything about Christ and the Written Word.

A teachable heart is both obedient to what he learns and submissive to what the Lord says. A humble heart will yield to the wisdom God gives others.  God uses others to teach us.