Heavy prayer needed

Jessie’s grandfather died last night so she is returning to the states for the funeral.

The dialysis kids are under attack. Jose’ has High Blood Pressure so the surgery is delayed. Wendy is having surgery today to move the catheter to another location. Marjorie is in constant back and leg pain & her mother is saying she will go to the judge to take her home with her which will be fatal. Keiser is having to have hemodialysis. All of these are prayer needs but Aroldo, who cares for them, is under such heaviness & physical weariness. He needs prayer.

The teams this week have had block parties, moved, crushed and laid the broken pieces on the dirt road behind us. There have been activities for most of the dorms. That is what we need thee most this summer is that teams plan on doing as much as they can for our children. With over 70 new children we need help loving them.

Our youngest singing group
Our youngest singing group

There are many reasons for expression. There can be medical reasons but most likely is spiritual depression. Spiritual depression comes primarily from disappointment in others. We expect people to be more loving, more fair and more understanding.

Remember the courtyard when Peter denied Jesus and the Lord looked at him and said nothing. Shamed Peter just walked away and cried. The look was enough.Jesus did not hate Peter He ws disappointed.

What about Elijah when he challenged the prophets of Baal to demonstrate who was the true God? After God sending the fire to burn the sacrifice Elijah went to the desert after confronting Jezebel and he was in heavy depression. But why? Oh he was tired, hungry, felt alone and threatened.

But his depression was that although the people marveled at the miracle and yelled “The Lord He is God” they would soon just go back to the way things were. This was the foundation of his depression. He was disappointed because they just remained unmoved by the Lord.

I suppose the best way to avoid depression is never look at people as the source of your faith or strength.