Contentment is Joy

I am so proud of Jeny. She begins her internship at a hospital in Santa Rosa for the next 6 months and then will graduate in physical therapy. She has had a rough number of years here as her brother was killed by a gang & her two older siblings did not make the best decisions. But she stayed & is a grey student & an even sweeter daughter.

We dedicated Emliy, daughter of Victor Hugo & Celia, who both are miracles of God.

I am so proud of Jeny
I am so proud of Jeny


Contentment is not about sacrificing the joy in your life. It truly is discovering true joy. Contentment is the refusal to live a life of seeking only amusement. Amusement and excitement do not give contentment. In fact, it will leave you sad most of the time.

I can count on one hand the LSU football national championships. I am nearly 72 years of age and that means if LSU was my life based on excitement or the amusement of football I had 69 years of no amusement. That can leave you feeling pretty empty. Material joy is so fleeting.

My family, friends, faith, ministry and fellowship can NEVER be taken from me. That is where I find my contentment. And if family or friends pass away the memories are still there for contentment. However, none of this is easy. It takes hard work to make five things work in your life.