Compassionate relationships

Our daughter, Crissy, and grandson, Ozzie, left for Houston this morning. They were here 3 weeks & that was the best Father’s Day gift I could have received. Tanya, other daughter, and my grand children are still here for another week.

Laura with her approval from the dialysis course she passed.
Laura with her approval from the dialysis course she passed.

Compassion is not passive. It is active. Jesus demonstrated what was in His heart by the way He treated people. He was never afraid to TOUCH the leper or BE TOUCHED by the woman with the issue of blood. He actively assisted at the wedding when there was no wine or at the tomb of Lazarus after the body laid there stinking.

Compassion is not love in your heart. It is love in your hands. It is what you do with the love that you have in your heart. If people cannot SEE what is in my heart they cannot feel the compassion of God coming from me.

Kindness and generosity are the two words which come to my mind when I think of compassion. The way I talk to others or treat others outwardly are examples of compassion. Giving to help in the time of need without expecting anything in return is another area where I can express compassion.

I suppose the best way to describe compassion is to say that it is the absence of selfishness.