Chad and Abby

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Sebastian, Billy & I spoke with Flor & Alber who are responsible for the elementary school & the high school respectfully about what we will be doing in 2016 as part of the transition.

Chad & Abby will go to the states for a month so they leave today. Larry & Sue will return Wednesday. Candy is still in Tennessee waiting for the birth of their grandchild.

This past week a 12 year old boy was taken by a gang here in Guatemala City & told he was to kill a bus driver. He refused! They threatened him with death & gave him the choice of being hacked to death with machetes or be thrown off a bridge entering the city that had a 500 foot drop. He chose the bridge. When he neared the bottom he hit trees. He survived but is in a coma. His life hangs in the balance. But here is a 12 year old with more character, faith & willingness to do what is right even at the pain of death.

[caption id="attachment_7974" align="alignnone" width="300"]Esvin & Flor each hold the stick as a sign of equal authority in marriage. Esvin & Flor each hold the stick as a sign of equal authority in marriage.[/caption]