45 minutes before Dottie & I were to leave the hotel Tim called to say highways were blocked. We turned on the news & the farmers have blocked all the entrances into Guatemala City & say it will last 12 – 18 hours. The entire nation seems to want the President to resign.

Many have asked about the dialysis children. On Peritoneal dialysis is Jorge’, Sindy 1, Sindy 2 & Luis. On hemodialysis are Maryjorie(not well), Jose'(not well), Keiser & Wendy (so-so). Karen, Elias & Genesis have all had transplants & are doing well on anti-rejection medication.

Our x-ray machine is coming in handy
Our x-ray machine is coming in handy

I was thinking earlier today that it seems to keep stacking up. Billy and his appendix now a blockade that prevents me from getting home today.And then Dottie said the words of truth” Mike, everything happens for a reason”. That is not found in the Bible but it does express how most Christians SHOULD feel.

I know that not everything that happens is what God desires. Rape, genocide, death of children, wars and many other things. So much happens because man is evil and sinful. But God does say that He can turn to the good all things that happen to a a Christian is in love with God and faithful to the call of God.

So, just being a Christian, is not enough. Your love for God must be real and obvious and daily. Your life needs to be one of faithfulness to what HE wants for you and not what you want.