A Contented Heart


I had the necessary exams & all is well. The medicine in my system evidently is gone & I feel like a sprightly 60 year old. Thanks for praying for me.

The lights went out last night when the “The Woodlands ” team was ministering in the blue building to the teenage girls. VBS by Spring, Texas church began also today. The visiting boys cut tree limbs for Dottie.

I felt well enough today to work 2 hours in the Christmas bodega.


Visitors love the babies
Visitors love the babies


I cannot be jealousy, bitter or worried and have a contented heart at the same time. ¬†Everyone has had trouble at least once in their lives with envy, worry or bitterness. If it never happened to you than you are the exception. God has said in His Word that we are “be thankful in everything”.

Notice that He says, “in everything” and not “for everything”. Being in the middle of a terrible situation does not mean that you are to have the faith to thank God for the disease, the divorce, the financial situation or whatever. It means that you realize you are not walking alone. You are with Him and He will never abandon you in the situation.

But it does mean your attitude is vital to victory. Moaning or speaking fear filled words are common reactions to our problems. After a half-century in ministry I struggle with worry when under pressure. Sometimes I feel like I am playing tennis against 5 opponents. Trying to return the balls coming at me invariably means some are not going to get returned. Taking things one at a time would be so much more simple.

But Satan does not play fair. He throws everything including the kitchen sink at us and if that is not enough he will throw the neighbor’s sink also.