Today I preached one of the weakest sermons ever. I can admit it-no pride. My back pain has increased. Josue’ made it to the states where Les picked him up. He will present the Telemedicine program to a group in Orlando.

A team arrived from N. Carolina.

Praise Band
Praise Band

As we continue to share about the 4 friends of the paralytic man who was lowered through the roof to Jesus the main characteristic that I see is Unselfishness. By being on the roof they would have missed the chance to pouch through the crowd, get there early and sit near to the feet of Jesus. They have up a front row seat for a sick friend.

Secondly, they worked together in unison which is the wonderful characteristic of cooperation. It took all four of them to carry him whatever distance it as and then up to the roof and in unison lower him down. If one of the four let go or had second thoughts and simply dropped his corner of the bed the result was disaster. Cooperation is the ability for each person to do their part so that the entire group can accomplish the goal. I have grown to not care much about college or professional sorts because I see so much “Me, me, me”and very little “Team, team, team”.

Someone scores a TD or makes a basket and then acts as though he alone was responsible for the score. without blockers no running back would be successful. Without each basketball player doing what is required of him making baskets would be impossible over an entire game.

We need each other. Mike and Dottie get too much credit for what has happened at Casa. without our current staff and those who came before them and without the sponsors and givers over the many years and the hundreds of people who have prayed Casa would have failed years ago.

Selfishness and noncooperation kill marriages, businesses, churches, etc. Two more ideas exist in this story so stay tuned.