Everyone learning the nds-and-outs of the -ray equipment.
Everyone learning the nds-and-outs of the -ray equipment.

The government sent a teen girl to the border of Nicaragua to meet her father. She has been here a while so this will be difficult for her. She was taken from her father by other family members. We can only pray that Jesus will protect her.

Are you making our financial stress a part of your daily prayers. Are you praying that we can fill our September schedule? Please do!


“Thou shalt not murder ” is the 6th Commandment and most of us would feel like we are safe. “Boy,I never killed anyone”. But I have never met anyone, even little children whom have not killed another person. In fact, Dottie lives with a mass murder. Dottie can say “Dottie has killed her 100s but Mike has killed his 10,000s”.

This may be the most complicated and difficult commandment to understand. First, premeditated murder is easy to see and judge. But, secondly, ¬†there is the reality of the words of Jesus that “ANYONE who is angry with his brother is a murderer” so we are all guilty. Everyone gets angry.

Thirdly, it is more complicated. Actually murder is the illegal taking of any life. Due to social media we can instantly see part of what is happening during the killings of individuals. Of course we can only see from where the video kicks in. There are those who kill innocent people by driving drunk. There are those who get so angry they hit or slap a weaker person bringing death unintentionally. There are those who through diligence cause death. My dad threw me into the Red river at 6 years of age and screamed ‘swim’. My uncle dove in and pulled me out or today I would be crab man.

Ignoring illness and allowing the young or the elderly to waste away to death is murder. To steal food intended for victims of hurricanes, earthquakes, etc. as many foreign governments do is murder. Fighting an unjust war is murder.  Terrorism is murder.

The Bible says through Moses “Capital punishment for murder and rape” is not murder itself. Pacificism¬†(refusing to go to war) is another obstacle to many. Self-defense has never been described as murder in the Bible.

Murder is the worst of all of the last 5 Commandments becuse it is FINAL. We cannot bring back whom we have killed.