My weak faith

We received 2 new little boys.

Last year we were given money generously to construct acritica care unitĀ for dialysis. That construction is going well.

Those who receive the newsletter are those who are givers to Casa. I need to share my heart because for the 2nd time in 5 years we are burdened. The amount of giving has remained the same thanks to your kindness. I arise at 3am to pray & listen to the Word because I realize my faith is weak. The costs have arisen tremendously. Dialysis this month was $9,706, education was over $20,000 and other medical was $8,504. Add food, salaries, electrical, butane, etc & it is a mind-blower. We had 9 children last year that had surgery. The government has instructed us to hire another psychologist, an accountant, a social worker & we have hired a physician. I am not asking you to give more but I am asking that you pray for God to touch more hearts to become involved financially. If this offends you I am sorry. I just need you to hold me up as admittedly my faith is weak.

I am mrried to a 72 year old who loves cake
I am married to a beautiful 72 year old who loves cake

The 4th Commandment is to “Remember the Lord’s day and keep it holy”. God tells us to work 6 days and to rest on the 7th day.

Life for most of us consists of LABOR. Human beings works to provide for their family. Even in the land of opportunity which we call the USA work is difficult to find and having a job does not insure that you will be able to meet all the needs of your family.

So we see first that God sets aside a day for us to rest and worship Him and to spend time with family. Secondly this day of rest reminds us that we are free. Slaves work 7 days a week until they are no more productive and then they are slain. We hav a choice as to whether we will work 7 days. Slaves do not have that privilege. But the eprson who works 7 days a week today is simply a rich slave.

There are two important reasons for this Commandment. Worshipping God for a Christian should be a no brainer. You will choose worship over ball games, picnics, Little League, etc. But what I want to share briefly is that the Lord’s Day is for families to be together. It is the day of quality time. It is the day of expression of love, parenthood and vision.

To break this 4th Commandment is to invite future pain and suffering.