The staff was given a seminar today on the use of fire extinguishers. I think they enjoyed the flames & the power to douse them.

Monday we will receive a 6 year old child on dialysis. He is Jorge’ & from a village in Quiche’. Isn’t it just like Jesus to ask if I would take another ill child right in the midst of my worst financial circumstance in years!!

Karen went to court & the judge wants to review her case. It is incredible how difficult it is to get the government to understand these children will die without the dialysis and proper medication.


Victor and Celia with babies Gizzie & Emma.
Victor and Celia with babies Gizzie & Emma.


The 9th Commandment is “Thou shalt ┬ánot her false witness”. ┬áThe world is filled with liars. It is difficult to believe anyone. The daily news printed or spoken is normally so slanted that no one knows what the truth really is.

Jesus, Himself, was taken to the cross by false witnesses (liars) and many others have paid heavy prices because someone lied about them. The Bible calls it false witness. Truth must be foundational in order for a marriage, a business, a friendship or a nation to survive. How many Germans would have followed Hitler had they known the truth? How many Russians would have followed Lenin had they known the truth. Even some marriages are based upon lies that when revealed later destroy the relationship.