Have you ever ‘blown it’?

The arrival of Jorge’ into the dialysis house has been highly expected. First thing he said was could he have a bean sandwich. So now there are 11 children here, three with transplants & 8 on dialysis.

Three more children came today & the two little girls were so overwhelmed & sad.


Jorge' (dialysis)
Jorge’ (dialysis)

Romans 3:23 “All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God”.  No one deserves salvation! But everyone needs salvation. The story of the prodigal son teaches that as long as we are alive we can do the smart thing. We can give our lives to Christ. We can do all we can to right the wrongs we have committed.

Just like that younger son we seek a life independent of our Father. We want to make all of our decisions. The Bible says he ‘wasted’ his income. Have you ever gotten wasted? (Keep your mind on the lesson)  Yes you have and yes I have. We have wasted opportunities and we have wasted our lives in some cases. I remember I was standing near the coffin at a funeral in Lake Charles more than 30 years ago and I heard a person say as they gazed upon my friend “What a waste”.

We only have one life to live and often we waste the hours or days that we have been given. I try to be honest in these updates and I have shared with you he fact that I have been walking through the valley. I am wasting my time worrying.

But just as the young man in the Biblical story I have decided that it is foolish to live in the hog pen. Many of you care about Dottie and me so I pray that you pray with us to walk through this valley and get the pig stench of worry, fear and anxiety off of us.