Ever-so-often I have to remove an employee for lack of production. Two were removed in December & we received notice today they were suing me. I cannot count the number of times this has happened. It matters not the reason an employee is released. The government simply supports the employee. It is a matter of “how much”. Pray that Walter & Sebastian can answer the suit in such a way that Casa does not pay more than what is just.

Dr. Lou & his dialysis team will come next week & present to all of the children, 3rd grade and up, just what kidney disease is & why dialysis is needed so that all of our children will be more aware of what the dialysis children are going through.

I started today paying the double salaries required by the government. It will take through June to finish this responsibility.

Tim went to the border to pick up 50 of the new 500 chairs we purchased.


A big star from the toddlers for Mami
A big star from the toddlers for Mami

The Word speaks of “Fear not’ 52 times; “Do not fear” 46 and “Do not be anxious” and “Don’t worry” many times. But all of us worry. People worry about their health. As we age we worry about death. We worry about finances, relationships, our children and many, many other things.

There have been times over the last 50 years since my salvation where I felt as though God was asking me to do something I could not do. But certainly I am not the first to feel that way. When God called Moses he panicked. The example I use most often is the call of Gideon.

An angel says to Gideon that he will lead an army against overwhelming odds and Gideon essentially replies “You have the wrong man”. I felt, feel and surely will feel like Gideon. Did you ever feel you were being asked to do something which you felt was above your head? Have you ver been paralyzed (unable to move) by fear. You are in good company.

It has been said that fear causes us to either FIGHT, FLEE or FREEZE. There is a positive fear. I want my children to be afraid of speeding in traffic or crossing a busy intercession or getting in an automobile with kids who are drinking. Fear of snakes, fear of standing at the edge of the Grand Canyon and fear of asking on a  ledge 5 floors off the group are good fears.

It is the BAD fears that get us. Fear of failure, fear of commitment, fear of disobedience, etc are good fears.