Do not steal

We received a little boy and a young girl (no kin) who were both horribly abuse.

Bob built Josue’ a work station for Telemedicine & the x-ray development & printer equipment.

Tim & Patty’s son, Michael, broke his arm. So now 3 of the 5 family members are in casts.

Please pray that we will fill our Fall schedule as well as get out of this financial slump.


Michael & Melissa
Michael & Marissa


We begin getting them ready early for World Cup!!
We begin getting them ready early for World Cup!!


The 8th Commandment is “Do not steal”.  Did you ever notice that the other commandments could fall under this one also? Adultery is to steal another person’s spouse. Coveting is the desire to steal what another person has. “No other gods before Me” is to steal the glory meant for God. “Remember the Sabbath day” is to steal the time God wants us to give to Him. Murder is to steal the life of another person.

We are instructed to not take from another person what belongs to them. We have had 3 vehicles stolen from Casa. I have been robbed 5 times at gunpoint. Dozens of our children have had everything from their money to their school books and shoes stolen from them.

Do you know that this commandment means that you should not try to steal the dignity, reputation, trust, etc of another person?  Gossip, lying, slander and libel are all forms of stealing. Many college students steal the intellectual writing of others by downloading information and claiming it as their own.

What about salesmen who tell you that everything is “well” with the used car, the home or whatever else you are buying? There are hundreds of ways to steal. Do not be one of the above!!