The Louisiana and North Carolina teams are leaving Sunday morning and a Mobile, Al team is arriving this afternoon.

We are slowly trying to get everything needed for the new accreditation papers so Tim, Jacob and I went through papers in he office. It sill take  Gladys & a large group to get things done correctly.

The NC team helped Dottie so much with her flowers. Our dentist donated dozens of plants for Dottie to beautify the clinic.

Josue arrived back from Georgia today.

Michelle needs Dottie all day long
Michelle needs Dottie all day long

I have asked the children to pray nightly for 5 things. Salvation of all the children, making good decisions, good & obedient behavior, the finances for CASA and personal success.  The decisions they make will determine their destiny.

Remember how stupid the Israelites were when the spies came back with tales of giants in the Promised Land? God said that it was theirs so good possess it. They decided it was not possible and so they died in the wilderness and set back the plan of God for decades.

I have done something similar. I try to fight tomorrow’s battles today. There were no giants at the entrance to the Promised Land. Next week I will sit and litigate a decision with those suing us and yet I think of it NOW, battle it in my mind NOW and am wasting my time NOW.

Last night I slept until 5am for the first time in 3 weeks because I finally realized my own teaching from the Word that says “All things work together for good.” There must be a reason for all this stress so I am letting go. God is faithful.

Finally I am making better decisions.