We received another little girl so that is 5 new small children this week. Chad & the other Americans are repairing and adding beds for the baby dorm. Oops! Just received 3 girls & a boy.

The police raided two hotels in the city & rescued 55 children. They were being used to beg in the streets & their parents “rented” them to those using them.

Alex & Sarah have 50 teenage boys while Lee & Candy have 57 younger boys. So God is adding to ur numbers.

We had our monthly praise, worship & preaching services & as always were blessed.


Practicing the fire extinguishers
Practicing the fire extinguishers



The final of the 10 Commandments is “Thou shall not covet”. This may not sound as bad as murder, stealing, adultery or lying but covetousness is the FOUNDATION of murder, stealing, adultery and lying. Covetousness leads to the other four. That is why we commit the other 4 sins.

There are 613 laws found in the books that contain the story of Moses and not one of the laws God gave include sins of THOUGHT. But when God gives us the Big 10 He includes this sin of THOUGHT.

“To covet” means to want something another person possesses to the point that devious thoughts arise in order to take it away from that innocent person. It is not that we want a similar car, similar house or a similar wife of our neighbor. We want their car, house or wife and will do whatever it takes to get it.

The Bible tells us that King Ahab wanted a little piece of property that belonged to a poor man. When the man did not sell Jezebel saw to it the man was killed. When David desired Bathsheba he committed adultery, lying and murder to get her for his own. Coveting her from the rooftop led to the physical sins of sex and murder.