The surgeons changed Jose’s catheter to hemp-dialysis & the problem is a huge hernia that punctured his stomach which after the liquids are removed they will go in and repair it. Possibly Monday.

The cement was poured for the second floor of the hospital. So we will not be moved.

Most of you who read this are those who have already given in so many ways so we ask that you would double your prayers for these problems. Jesus, alone, is able to deliver us.


Hospital cement poured
Hospital cement poured


Years ago I ministered in Weatherford, Texas. We stayed i the home of a family who had a aughts in hr late teens and completely consigned to a wheel chair because of muscular dystrophy. Picctures were round the hour of tho beautiful little girl on crutches with Jerry Lewis the famed comedian.

She had been Jerry Lewis’s very first poster child when he began the Telethons that would eventually raise hundred of millions of dollars. Now she was handicapped to where her body was twisted & useless.

At the end of the week there she asked Dottie and I would take her home with us to Lafayette, La to live with us. After consulting her parents we took her. She could do nothing for herself. She was dead weight & to bathe Dottie & a friend had to lift her, strip her and bathe her. Everything else had to be done for her.

Dottie exhausted herself caring for the young lady. We needed a larger home so we were mooing on a Saturday morning & the weather was bitter ad wet. We wrapped her in multiple layers & brought her to the new place and sat her in front of a blazing fire. I continued to move boxes & furniture & became more wet and more cold on each trip.

At noon Dottie told me to sit at the fire & she brought me a bowl of gumbo. I murmured and murmured about being cold and wet.

Then this young lady who would be dead 3 months later looked at me and said “Brother Mike,Go says that if we have food and clothing we are blessed ” I was so ashamed and humbled.

Contentment is a key to victory. That is my prayer. What happened to us is unfair but the devil & the world never play fair. So what I must be is content that He will make all things right.