I stayed busy all day but cannot remember all I did. Now that is bad!!

We did receive a new teenage girl.

Chad worked for hours on a clogged pipe. This is the same one running from the baby dorm to the main drain. Over the years we have found everything you can imagine the toddlers flushed down a commode. We are missing a stroller!

Abbie with Lily
Abbie with Lily

The bigger the challenge in ice the bigger  the desire is to conquer it. For instance, mountain climbers are not going to feel their best until they climb Mount Everest. Deep sea divers will not be satisfied until they go deeper than they ever have before.

Nothing is free in life. There is always a price to be paid. Before the victories there will usually be disappointments, grief, pain or failure. What fuels us to fight the battles? What motivates us to climb that mountain or open that business or marry that woman?

For me it has always been realizing that failure is not final unless I quit. I have been knocked down in life but I have not been knocked out of the life God chose for me. I cannot let failure define me. I have to get up when knocked down.