One child with fetal-alcohol syndrome has been really emotionally upset for a while. She bites, kicks & screams & the only thing that helps is to hold her tight & love her until she is calm.

The children are taking semester exams.

Received 4 children ages 2, 4, 8 & 15.


September 13 Sunday 9:30am at Word of Life in Patterson La.  PM in Bunkie, La   Wed 16th Open

Sept 20th AM in Summerville, Tn and PM at Collierville 1st Baptist, Tn.  Wed 23rd Open

Sept 27th AM at Mignon Baptist in Sylacauge Al. PM is Open as is Wed 30th.

Oct 4 at 1oam at Macedonia Baptist in Effie, La & 5:30 PM at Northside Assembly in Crowley,La

Wed Oct 7th at 7pm in Lake Charles at Glad Tidings Assembly



Quarterly high schools exams
Quarterly high schools exams

Are you truly commited? When Christopher Columbus told the authorities that he wanted to go around the world he was told over and over again that it could not be done.

Ben Franklin was told the same thing about electricity as was Alexander Bell with the telephone and Henry Ford with the assembly line and Thomas Edison with the light bulb and the Wright brothers and their airplane. Abe lincoln lost more political races then most any politician has. Of course most famous was the wife of Job who simply said “Curse God and die”.

The world is filled with critics and doubters. So what made the men listed above as well as thousands of other explorers and inventors just ignore their negativity?

Success comes from COMMITMENT! Frustrations and disappointments destroy so many dreams and cause too many people to simply quit and walk away. They never reach their potential.

The test is what does it take to make you quit??