This was truly a workday. A group of teenagers jumped in and helped Gladys clean the office. We are moving rooms so to speak. With the major inspections upon us we are preparing to present Casa in the best light ever.

In September Dottie & I want to take Josue’ to the states with us. He will watch and listen as I present the power point the first weekend. Then we would ask that someone out there would consider having him go to your area & you help him find churches where he can share the story of Casa. I promise that he will bless you & your people. Pray about it!!

cooling off
cooling off



As I conclude thoughts on Jonah I want to add what the Lord says in Jonah 3.  He saw they tried and that they cried (v8). Jesus knows and watches when we are doing good. So much so that when Satan lied about the earth God told the old devil to look at Job. Job was doing good.

When horrible sin was controlling the world God said “I see Noah and he is doing good”. Now God sees that the people of Ninevah were trying to do good and they were crying out to God for mercy. The Bible says they repented. That is where it begins with all of us. We must repent. We must try to do what we are expected to do.

God withdrew the punishment because He saw thet were trying. What about you? Are you trying? If so, He sees and comes to your rescue.