I had a calm day of walking, listening to sermons and studying.

We did receive 3 new small children.


Birthday Boy, Rony
Birthday Boy, Rony

The story is told of a young boy, age 12, who lived on a farm in the early 1800s. His father took him to the nearby village for the very first time in his life. Of course, he looked at everything. He kept hearing a loud “clang” that was consistent and continued to get louder as they walked.

Soon they came upon the barn in the village from whence came the noise. He peered into the barn and a man was in there with the largest muscles he had ever seen. Sweating and straining and holding the largest hammer the boy had ever seen the massive blacksmith brought the heavy hammer down again and again and slammed it into the anvil. “Clang” went the hammer and the boy shuddered.

The father noticed the awe in his son’s eyes so he said “Son, that is a big strong man huh?” The boy answered “He is big but what I want to know is how does he not break that anvil”. The father answered “Son that anvil is nearly 200 years old and has broken every hammer and never has a hammer broken it.”

That is how God’s Word is. Nothing will damage the Word of God. Any doctrine or falsehood will shatter upon the anvil of God’s Word. It will stand forever when everything else is gone.