Right & Wrong?

Continual work by visitors. We are blessed!
Continual work by our boys. We are blessed!

We were at the rental car return at 3am. We were early & had time to rest when they announced our flight was canceled. It took 30 minutes to re-ticket & transfer our luggage. The flight left 70 minutes after the original flight so we landed in Houston, rolled to the gate, disembarked & ran to the flight to Guatemala. We had 12 minutes to catch the flight but I sit here in Guatemala blessed we were able to get home.

I received a positive report concerning Eddy who will not be available to become our social worker but he will help us find one he trusts. We need a registered social worker to write the program necessary for the new registrtion of Casa. Walter and Sebastian are working together and it appears that they have not only my support but the support of the staff as well as all workers.

Not only do we have the x-ray but also we can do dermatology diagnosis via Telemedicine weekly with a physician in the states. God is awesome!

We have a girl who arrived here with her foot turned 180 degrees pointing behind her. Today the judge said that we have permission to repair it. Major surgery but will be a life changer!




If we did not have the 10 commandments we would have no idea of what is right and what is wrong. It would simply be my own personal opinion. An example is that many 3rd world nations have long held to the belief that sex with a sister or even a daughter is not wrong.Today groups are beheading others & murdering entire populations in the name of Allah. They see nothing wrong in killing in this manner. If you search through history “Christians” did the same thing in the name of Jesus when they destroyed others in what we call The Crusades. Look at what both Communists and Nazis did to the Jews or to those who did not agree with their political agenda.

The worst murders ever perpetuated have been the milions and millions of abortions which governments say is ok.

The 10 Commandments tell us what God considers right and wrong. The problem with we Christians is that we know what is right and wrong according to God’s law but we do not obey. That is why the opening verses where we find the 10 Commandments say “I am the Lord thy God”. It starts there and will only end when we are all safely home with Jesus in eternity.

Without that statement that it is God Who brought us out of Egypt, bondage, nothing else makes sense. God wants us happy so we will be looking at the 10 things God considers necessary for happiness.