Keyser was able to return from the hospital so thank you for praying.

It is amazing that we cn line all of the children & staff up & take the 2015 Christmas picture in 22 minutes.


Keyser returning with Aroldo
Keyser returning with Aroldo

One of the many tools the devil can use against us as Christians is the tool of rejection. I remember ¬†when I was playing ball back in Louisisana and was scheduled to start the game but when the public announcer announced the names another boy’s name was called in my place. I was crushed.

The coach ran to me and said “No, you are starting. I was only considering a change.” Even though I started I felt rejection as never before. Of course, people are rejected by others all the time. But when I think of Bible characters it is a toss up between david and Joseph.

Even his own father did not consider David important enough to call him in when he prophet Samuel came to anoint a king. He was further rejected by his brothers at the battle with Goliath. Then we see the jealousy of Saul and how he rejects David. His son, Absalom, showed great disrespect towards David.

When David danced before the Lord his wife, Michael, rejected him. He just was rejected from every side over a number of years.

We all have been rejected. Most do not react very well.

But God uses rejection in order for us to grow. To reject the lesson of rejection is to stay in a rut from which we have trouble recovering. No one was rejected like Jesus! Yet He received it for us.