Analy with us
Analy with us

Analy graduated in social welfare today & I had the privilege of walking her to the stage. This has been a great last 5 months of college graduates.

We are in good shape with the inspection as we were told today we will receive our health license Monday. All of these have weighed heavy on my mind.


Do you realize that God is the source of your prosperity. The world has quickly become a world of welfare. Giving people things for no work at all has negative results. Years ago during the Potato Famine in Ireland the poor went to the English government and said “Give us food”. But the government said “No, build roads”.

They built roads and earned their food and life changed for Ireland. When you just hand things to anyone (such as my teenagers) three negative things occur. First, they lack appreciation. The lack of gratefulness when you just hand a person something for nothing is palatable.

Second, there is a lack of work ethic. Hey! Why work when I can just goof off and still get everything that I need. Finally there is an entitlement mentality where we begin to think that the world owes us throughout our lives.

As a parent of hundreds of children the balance between earning and simply receiving is delicate. I have to watch what I do.