Morally weak nation

This is Marcos's wound
This is Marcos’s wound
This is Augustine's broken shoulder
This is Augustine’s broken shoulder

The Lord has already blessed us with the x-ray equipment as two children suffered broken bones & were x-rayed at Casa and then taken to the hospital x-rays in hand.

Dottie and I loved Helen so it was a hard funeral emotionally. After I ministered Dottie spoke to everyone about the blended family after her mother died. Dottie had always been the baby but when Helen came into the family Dottie lost her position. Years later they became sisters-in-Christ & loved one another dearly. Dottie had called Helen twice last week. Kent came as did Cheryl and Joyce so we were able to see some of Dottie’s side of the family.

We drove to Dallas where we will rest tomorrow and leave very early for the return to Guatemala on Tuesday.


If anyone wonders what has made our nation so immoral I can simply tell you that mankind has ignored the Ten Commandments. If every nation and every person would live by the 10 commandments the need for policemen, soldiers, locked doors and armed guards would not be needed. Women would not fear sexual assault; children would need not fear bullying or abuse; courts of law would not be needed; divorce would not exist……………………Can you add things to this list?

God gave the 10 Commandments to Moses in order for mankind to know what God expected of His children and what He knew would give all men peace and prosperity. No idols, no murders, no robberies, no sexual activity outside of marriage………simply a  world filled with peace and kindness.

Stay tuned!