The mother of Keyser is a match for him and so he will receive a kidney transplant in 30 – 60 days. And Leslie, age 14, had a transplant and is in the Ronald MacDonald house. She will come to live here  at Casa this summer. So we are so blessed.

Now the government does not have all that is needed for the transplant so Casa will have to pay part of the expenses.

We had the CNA, major accrediting agency, come and literally stay all day (10 1/2 hours) examining everything from buildings to children to staff-to records and more. Unbelievably at the same time the Ministerio Publico (Human Rights) were here also.

Adam took one team out with our teens and did a backyard outreach in a nearby village.

We received 6 new children so we have now had 5004 children in these 26 years.

Family foto
Family foto