Jonah needed to learn mercy

I had another heart wrenching event today but it is private although I share here because many people pray for me and I need the prayers.

We hav received another girl, age 12, and I believe that pushes Casa over the total of 5000 children over the last 26 years.


Beauty contest
Beauty contest

Jonah needed to understand the mercy of God. His mercy goes beyond Israel. His mercy is even available  for Ninevah and all of us heathens. Jonah did not undertsand that. God was his God and he did not desire to share his God with anyone that was different than he was.

God spoke to Jonah at the end of the book and said “You pity the plant over your head that died and yet when I spared the lives of 120,000 people you were angry.”  I often wonder how religious people do not realize that there will be many people of different religious backgrounds in heaven as will there be different nationalities, etc.

Jonah’s lack of love stands out. God gave him mercy by saving him from drowning and even saved him from his own self yet he had no mercy for Ninevah.

Jonah is a picture of you and me. Do we rejoice when others receive Jesus?