I am the Lord thy God: No others

Last night Josue’ & some other children bought Dottie a cake & came to sing “Happy Birthday” which helped her emotionally. Tony brought her a special large cupcake.

Tim paid for the prefab floor that is the roof of the ground floor for the hospital.

The new 12 year old girl who arrived here last week is 5 months pregnant. Walter took her to court.

Elias is having kidney problems & a possible rejection of the new kidney. He is in the hospital & needs a miracle.

The girl with the foot reversed has VACTERL (Vater syndrome) which genetically anagrams into Vertebral defect, Atresia which is the absence of a body part & in her case it is her throat-palette area, Cardiac defect, Tracheo-Esophageal fistula, Renal anomalies and Limb abnormality. She will need two MAJOR surgeries that we are now looking into the cost. It will upwards of $50,000 so as you know I NEVER ask anything for Dottie and me but I have no problem asking Christians to help others. PLEASE PRAY & CONSIDER GIVING!!!!!

Do you think God wants her like this?
Do you think God wants her like this?


God gives the 10 Commandments by saying that He and He alone is God. Evry other religion tells us what the people have to do for their god. The 10 commandments are not about what we can do for God. It is all about what God does for us and through us to a hurting world.

God wnts us to treat people differently than those of false religions. What we “do for God” is tray others with great respect and kindness. Jesus summarized ALL of the commandments as well as all of the laws given in the Bible into 2 thoughts: Love God with evrything and love others as you love yourself.

He tells us secondly that there should not be any idols in our lives. It is easy for us to worship at false altars. People do it every day. We worship at the altar of TV, Internet, Emails, Iphones and I pads. We worship at the altar of food. 22,000 children will starve to death TODAY around the world. That is 8,000,000 a year. What we throw into the garbage cans in America would save all their lives.

LSU athletics was a long time idol in my life. What about money? Sex? Pornography? Self-love? Ambition? Retirement?