Giving thanks

I had to have a toe nail removed and the medicine they gave me combined with the medication for my spine has put me on an all time high. Not a good high! A sleepy high! I feel drugged and listless.

Bob & Tim began their return trip to Guatemala this morning. Bob is bringing his pick-up with his woodworking tools. Adam & Vilma left for Alabama. Brandi will oversee their dorm.


Louisiana visitors painting the wall
Louisiana visitors painting the wall

Man is the only one of God’s creation who can give God thanks. I wonder how many of us express our gratitude or thankfulness to God on a daily basis. All of our lives are bowls, cups or receptacles of which He pours His goodness and blessings.

I have more to be grateful for then any man I know. The Lord has blessed me with long life. He has given me a wonderful wife and 9 kind and blessed children.You throw in all of the many friends over the years and the congregations I was blessed to pastor and top that off with 27 years of blessings of over 5000 children, hundreds of staff and the thousands of sponsors and people who helped us over the years and it is amazing.

Thank you Lord for Who you are.