Fall or Fail? #1

What a blessed day! Larry, Donald & Tim prepared the office wiring for us to redo two rooms which we were able to do today. Brandi has her college girls repainting the dorm. Bob is building new storage for the college girls. Gladys is working on thousands of files from years past.

Adam & Vilma took their girls “camping” last night on the back property.

And today I received word from The Woodlands, Texas that someone is willing to accept my offer & see that Josue’ can travel to churches in that area in September & share the story of Casa.

Lee & Candy have a child with chicken pox so it is only a mater of time before we will have a few more but that is best.


The boy's turn
The boy’s turn


“The Lord lifts up those who have fallen” Psalm 145:14.                                                                                          “If those who please the Lord fall, they will not stay down because the Lord will help them up.” Psalm 37:24.                                                                                                                                                                                “No matter how often an honest man falls he always gets up again” Proverbs 24:16.                             “When someone falls down doesn’t he get up again?” Jeremiah 8:4

God does not speak of his children as FAILING. He speaks of us as FALLING.

HURTS can cause us to fall. Everyday in the USA 5 pastors QUIT the ministry. Most of that is due to being hurt by others within their congregation. In other words the hurt comes from a friend or at least from someone who should be your friend. Jeremiah said in 20:10 “Even my friends wait for my downfall.

What hurts the most is when no one reaches out to help us when we are falling. Zedekiah, king of Judah, fell so far that as a result the people of Judah were taken into Babylonian captivity. Jeremiah writes about Zedekiah (38:22) “Now that his feet sunk into the mud his friends have left him”.