Do or don’t

Tim met with Debbie in Lake Charles concerning the web site. Bob will pass by there Tuesday & they will head for Guatemala.

Adam & Vilma leave this morning for the USA for 4 months so their baby will be born in a foreign country (Alabama).

It is important the boys learn to cook also.
It is important the boys learn to cook also.

So many people believe that the Bible is a “Don’t” book. “Don’t do this and on’t do that” but this is untrue. Most of what God tells us to do is “Do”.

Love your neighbors. ¬†Forgive those who hurt you. Give and it shall be given. Do forgive. Do be hospitable. Do be honest. Do love Me with all of your heart. In the Garden of Eden there was one “Don’t” which was “Do not eat of the fruit of that one tree”. Everything else was “Do”. Do keep the garden. Do name the animals. Do eat of any other tree you desire. Do have children. Do, do and more do!!

Christitanity is the most funnest of all religions! To bless others or to walk in fellowship or to see lives changed or to bring someone to the knowledge of Jesus are just a few of the “Do’s” that make me want to get up every morning.

53 times in the Bible God says that we are to OBSERVE and DO! Try it!!