Two of our older boys were able to transition out of Casa today. They have had jobs for a good long time & were ready to step into the real world. All three came here before they were 5 years of age.

The teams are doing great jobs of repainting the scene on the front entrance. They also are spending time with the younger girls an dialysis children.


Study time
Study time

When I was young I had dream of being a world champion. I would shoot baskets and dream of being an NBA star. I would run around my house holding a football and dream of being an LSU star. I would toss up a ball & hit it with a bat and dream ing hitting home runs.

I wanted to be a champion. Of course, I never achieved any of my three dreams. As I aged & eventually became a child of God I realized that I could not choose everything that happened in my life. But as I learned the Word of God I realized that I could always choose my attitude no matter what happened in my life.

There are ares of our lives we need to concentrate on in order to be champions for Jesus. You must want to dream big dreams. So many people have no goals in life and only live day-to-day. You must dream huge dreams in order to be a champion.

God does not want His children to be normal. We were created to be abnormal–different!