Willing to Die

Andres & Estella's baby--Andri
Andres & Estella’s baby–Andri


If you would like to stay in touch with your sponsored child , via email, plese sign up for MiCasa account at http://casaaleluya.org/mi-casa-account/ Once you have signed up there is an email option for each child’s name. Please feel free to email them as you like. Each dorm parent receives the emails and will read them to the child. By LAW, this is the only means of electronic communication with children at Casa. If you are contacting child through Facebook, Skype, Facetime, etc or any other electronic service you are putting the children and Casa at risk.

Tim & I drove to Sagoj to see Estella about a business proposition.




It is strange that Jonah was willing for the sailors to throw him into the sea to drown and yet he was later angry when God saved 120,000 Ninevites.

Jesus spoke of Jonah being in the belly of the whale as a sign of Jesus death and resurrection. Jonah is also mentioned in II Kings 14:25 so the story of Jonah and the whale is not a fable. It was a true story and if you ask “How could he live in a whale for three days?” I can say “He could not—on his own”. But just as Jesus was dead in a tomb for the same amount of time this was truly a miracle of God.

Jonah calls out to God and God answers him. God will answer us even when we are guilty. He would have drowned in the water so God answers him with a fish. The water is the threat of death and the whale is his salvation from drowning.

Jonah was guilty as are we. He was not going to Ninevah but rather traveling to Tarsus. We often are going away from the presence of God or from His call on our lies when we “come to ourselves” and cry out for help. The Lord does not say “Too bad, too late” even in our guilt.

IF you are in distress check and see if you are in disobedience. If so REPENT!!