The boat is in peril

Chad brought Abby to the hospital due to vomiting & low blood pressure. Everything is stable now & the baby is fine as well.

Sebastian needs a car since he will be taking over as General Director in January 2016. When I need him he should not have to rely on the buses as he lives in Paoquil.  If you have a vehicle to donate Tim can drive it back to Guatemala & we will pay the taxes.

Oscar’s MRI shows a torn ACL and cartilage damage.


We never think of Jonah as being a man of courage or of high moral character but when the sailors asked what can be done to calm the storm and save the ship Jonah says “Take me up and cast me into the sea”.

The sailors were no wanting to do that so they began to row hard to escape the storm. God was determined to get Jonah in the water so the storm increased. No one person should be allowed to sink a boat load of others. Today we learned that the co-pilot of the German plane took the lives of 150 passengers.

Jonah was willing to accept the responsibility and he did not desire that the sailors drown for his disobedience. Now the sailors do something incredible. They PRAY to Jonah’s God and ask that they be not held responsible for what they were about to do.