The Best is Yet to Come

Two Tennessee teams are here & I gave the testimony of Casa and could not find a stopping point. God has done so much.

Walter, Tim, Sebastian and I met this morning & went over a ten month plan which I will share with all the staff on Monday. Monday night I will share it with you.

I worked on the finance report for February.

I met Elias, kidney transplant recipient, today & he just hugged me. His mother left her village at 1am & came to visit for 2 hours & then returned to her home. When I shared with her that we would have a facility by the end of the year where parents of kidney children could come & visit them for a weekend.

Elias appears happy
Elias appears happy

Years ago I shared with everyone that when I was a kid my mother would tell us following Sunday dinner to keep our forks because the best was yet to come. She meant that we were about to enjoy her pie or cake. I told Dottie that I wanted that written on my tombstone. I even want a picture of a fork as well as a fork in the casket. This has been a great life but the best is yet to come.

When you believe that God is in control even death is a passage into the best to come!