Spiritual Amnesia

Birthday lunch
Birthday lunch

Nine girls had a birthday meal with cake & ice cream today.



Everyone wants to feel as though they are accomplishing something with their lives. They want to feel as though they are successful in what they do. Unfortunantly too often they do not know what they should be doing or how to do it.

But Praise The Lord! We have a Father that loves us and desires our success. He birthed each of His children with a purpose. “It is God who works in you to will and to do according to His purpose” ¬†Philippian 2:13.

When I was pastoring I often wondered what was I accomplishing. Spiritual amnesia is a term I heard a few years ago. This simply means Christians forget why they are here. Have you ever just gotten up in the morning only to wonder “why”? Malls are everywhere because they are great places to meander aimlessly and without purpose.

But please if you do not know what your purpose is do not make up one. Seek the Lord! He wants to be found by you! He wants to guide you with His eyes! That means very close contact!!! Look Him in the eye and ask “Why?”.

HE WILL ANSWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!